Media Coverage

cuddle cot

The Cuddle Cots have seemed to really grab the attention of individuals both professionally and personally. We’ve had the opportunity to be featured on… (insert website names and hyperlink them to the articles you were featured in).

Since we have made such a huge splash with all of our media work, we thought it might be nice to have everything in one place for families to get to.

Here is about our donation to Good Samaritan Hospital.

This article is the one Rebecca wrote about nurses that carried her through her experience.

This is the first published article by Sac Bee.

Charlotte Observer picked up the same article.

The Olympian.

The Wichita Eagle.

The CBS 13 local affiliate also ran the story.

KTVU ran coverage of Rebecca’s story as she related it to Frank Somerville.

Romper writer, Hillary Savoie, covered stillbirth in order to #shatterthesilence. Sharing Rebecca’s story.